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March 12, 2009



If MEC believes that business can advance human rights how come they source from Israel?


Hi Penny,

Thanks for your question. I don't quite understand your statement. We believe commerce has a role to make the world better. We believe its very difficult to run a business if we don't source from around the world which regrettably includes troubled spots. There is trouble everywhere. For example:

China - dictatorship, human rights, poverty, occupation
Vietnam - human rights, poverty, dictatorship
India - enormous poverty, entrenched gender discrimination
Israel - occupation
Sri-Lanka - civil war based on ethnic conflict
Thailand - miliatry dictatorships



Yes yes and more yes. This is exactly how I feel about MEC. I really could go on and on about it. A retailer that is the anti-retailer. A place that someone getting into the non-consumer movement can feel still comfortable.

And I don't think it would be possible if not for the coop structure.


Hi WilderMiss,

Thanks for your support.

Left Coast Post

What would really go towards curbing excessive consumerism would be to make sure that my $140 Chinese made trail shoes actually last longer than an average 7 to 8 months.
But then, there is no profit (or dividend)to be realized in making or providing a product that actually outlives the sting of the cost at purchase.


Just because a product is made in asia, does not make it inferior. I have a MEC trek jacket from...years ago, maybe 8 years maybe 10, hard to say, it was made in thailand, and guess what, it's still functions fantasticly (if that's even a word). Sure it's piled a little, and some stitches have loosened, but it's cozy and still has years to go.


Hi Bret,

I too have MEC stuff that's been around for decades. I have a blue fleece jacket that I bought the week before I moved to South Africa for work. This was the mid 90's. I wore that fleece during the cold Joburg winter days and nights. In fact my coworkers often borrowed it because it was so warm.

I don't wear that fleece now at work because its too ratty. But I do wear it when I work on the house because its durable, warm and reliable in spite of it resembling a dead skunk.

Now that's kick-xxx!


Connie Mahoney

I am concerned about MEC ordering down filled vests made in China. China is known for its deplorable and inhumane treatment of animals. Cats and dogs crammed into cages for fur coats and the sickening living and slaughter conditions for all other animals (ducks, geese, chickens, rabbits) is unacceptable. You are profiting from the suffering of animals rather than lobbying for better animal welfare standards. I am very disappointed, you could do much better.


Hi Connie,

Thanks for your comment. There are issues in China, and some are significant.

If you have more precise information on MEC's supply chain please email them to me. We audit and visit our contract factories regularly and we have not found what you are alleging.

Thank you.

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