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March 31, 2009


Solar Power Business

Thanks for this good post.......

Liz Masi

North Korea & China are both on my do not buy from list. Why? Government, and lack on humane efforts for both the civilians living within the confines of their said government, and the fact that they both still skin animals ALIVE for their pelts, feeding things to their fish farms that no living thing should be eating and more recently still sending out Toxic materials to world wide, construction products, that have leaked toxic gases into homes - they keep doing it until they get caught, now banned in the USA, are they still being sold under the radar, and in Canada? a slap on the wrist and everyone keeps turning a blind eye and getting more things manufactured there.

Liz Masi

Renewable Energy in China: Answer me this... and I hope I haven't got all the information yet... A massasive Lead plant has been killing off enough workers and have found lead poisoning in the children in the surrrounding village, that they are moving the people out of their village.
My question: Why aren't they cleaning up their environment instead and making the plant safer for everyone involved. Sounds like , we will let you grow up lead free until you are old enough to work for us, then you can die of lead poisoning, along with all the wildlife around it.
I keep looking for positive change for this country, but I keep finding a great loss. Please let me know if there actually is positive change for the environment on this Lead Plant and all living there - I will be beeming with gratitude.


Hi Liz,

Thank you for your concern. Our focus is on the contract factories and their immediate community. For very obvious reasons we can not tackle other issues in China.

There are terrible tragedies in China and many of them are the result of malevolence. However, its important to note that there are 1.4 billion people in China and hundreds of thousands of businesses. Not every individual or organization is seeking the destruction of his neighbour or the local community.

Thanks for your legit views.


I don`t understand your decision to not install a solar hot water panel on your house. If you were truly looking at a 3 to 5 year payback on the installation, you should have jumped on that.

What payback period would be acceptable to you? I assume you realise that after the initial 3-5 years, you`ll be paying nothing for your water heating needs (if the system is properly designed with a storage tank that can be charged during sunny hours). That sounds a lot better that spending money in perpetuity and using electricity or natural gas to do the job. I`ve seen projects with far longer breakeven periods happen because of the long term benefit. Maybe take another look at it.

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