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January 16, 2009



Rather a silly blog considering MEC renames profit as dividend to avoid paying taxes and under-sell more full service knowledgeable shops. Oh well at least they deal with female factory owners?


Your "Lexus", eh?

Colleen Popyk

I'm just curious HC if you feel the fact that some of our factories appear to be headed by women signifies a collapse in what has traditionaly been a gendered division of labour or is manufactoring becoming accepted as women's work in what will remain an industry guided by patriarchal norms? For eventhough the woman may have changed the tire from what you have described it sounds like she did so under the direction of her lazy male colleagues. I'm asking this becuase I am genuinely interested in your opinion and not because I just want to critique your observation. I feel it is important that rather than making room for patriarchy to adapt to the requirements of global capitalism that we make an effort to dismantle the patriarchy residing at its heart.


Hi Colleen,

Thanks for the thoughtful comments.

It's exactly as you describe it. Women are making headway in an industry that is very male oriented. In spite of this achievement, gender equality appears in many ironic forms. The woman performing the uber male job (grease monkey) yet does so while her male colleagues just lounge about. On one hand she is breaking stereotypes and on the other she reaffirms the traditional gender inequity of women holding two jobs (taking care of the home and working outside).



Hi Fraser,

Actually, the only thing silly and its rather sad too is our collective narcissism. As long as we have our comfortable lives, paychecks, IPODs and cars, the plight of the world's 2 billion who live on less than $2 per day and the speed at which we are destroying our planet are really not that important.

Maybe you're right. This blog and your comments are all silly. But what is not lacking in humor is the wretched poverty, famine and environmental destruction surrounding the people who make Canada's wonderful consumer goods.

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