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December 11, 2008


Nancy Gay Snow

I just came across this blog, don't ask me how, looking for gyms or something and got sidelined..I like your attitude. I try to be an 'ethical shopper' but cheese louise, it's hard to know how companies are actually implementing sourcing and how they are audited. I would personally LOVE to BE one of the auditors and then I'd know right? Other than that, consumers don't really know, even if the company..for instance Marks Work Wearhouse, who claim to back away at even at hint of non compliance, and maybe they do, but why aren't there posted reports from the auditors at companies web sites for more consumer info for example..make the company completely transparent and "examinable" by customers and thus remove a lot of doubt in minds of end users.


Hi Nancy,

The reason why the gritty details of an audit report for each factory are not posted on the WWW for everyone to see is largely because of privacy and libel laws. Our suppliers are business entities. It would be highly naive, shortsighted and dumb of us to post our allegations that a factory is cheating on its payroll taxes. To take such a step would expose us to a host of legal action, which we would certainly lose.

However, as consumers it would be great if we could see this detail to help us be better shoppers.


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