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February 14, 2008


Weston Triemstra

I couldn't comment over there, so I'll comment here. In order to get around the US Anti-trust issues could consumers organizations get the information and share it, and then put the pressure on companies that purchase from such factories?


Hi Weston,

I guess theorectically they could. The challenge is getting the detailed factory information you need.

MEC is disclosing its factory base this year. This means names and addresses of where its goods are manufactured.

However, this info will not be linked to factory audit results. We can't do this for two big reasons:

1. Libel risk. MEC is a business. Our contract factories are a business. If we were to disclose what we believe their warts are on the internet we can be sued.

2. Business ethics. If a factory cheats on its taxes, it's really a matter between MEC and the factory and especially between the factory and Revenue Canada. Unless, the factory's tax evasion is some how threatening the public good or you individually, you really don't have a right to know.

These are some of the constraints we're facing.

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