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December 09, 2007


MIke Aronson

"Make it in Canada!"

Come on MEC there is no reason why you cannnot manufacture textile based products and start creating some solid jobs for Canada! Enough of the overseas "good feeling ethical sourcing" marketing program.
Get to work, roll up your sleeves and start creating some factories. We had a strong Canadaian textile manufacturing market when MEC was just starting to exist as a viable business. Then you gave up on Canadian made produts, your communities and Canadian workers!


Hi Mike,

A world class factory making world classs products for us (situated in Canada) has given us notice. This person wants out. We want him/her. He/she is tired. It's a grind and his/her kids don't want in. He/she is an immigrant. His/her kids don't want in because the work is tough, low status and tight margins. The kids want more white collar professional jobs.

I've been to factories all across Canada and they're primarily staffed by immigrant women. They're jobs to tie people over until their kids finish college and get out of this socioeconomic ghetto. (Like my family).

As much as Made in Canada appeals to my patriotism, the garment trade reminds me so much of the crap my parents took as unskilled non english speaking immigrants. Pushing brooms, doing the same old task over and over for miniumum wage, shrugging off offensive comments by ignorant supervisors and etc.,

Made in Canada is great. I just wish that it didn't only attract Asian women.

I think you can understand my point.

Thanks for your legitimate thoughts.

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