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November 25, 2007



Labor, private property and political rights issues have convinced me to avoid purchasing Chinese-made goods. MEC's citation of the country of origin for each item makes MEC very attractive to me.

It's very important that MEC is undertaking this effort towards improving labor policies, and I'm somewhat surprised that many American firms are doing the same.


I find it so ironic and short sighted when people choose not to purchase from China. So many brands right now are taking proactive steps to improve work place conditions. In part because there is a direct link and employees of brands can't hide behind the fact that they now know the conditions in a factory will choose to stop doing business in a factory that does not take social compliance seriously. CUSTOMERS, myself included, are the real problems. We are programmed to pay less for things. And that paying less drives down prices at the factory, do the brands take a hit...? Sure every brand's margins are decreasing, therefore the pressure goes down the supply chain and usually it is workers that get cheated. this means usually unsafe working conditions or non-payment of wages. The system of increasing profits for public companies and a desire to want cheap goods hurts us all. Look at the system and see how you can make a difference. Boycotting China is WAY to simplistic... think smarter.

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