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November 14, 2007



First off, I'd like to ask you why you sensor people's comments? Is it because your afraid of what people might have to say? That sounds very similar to the heart of your article on evil, does'nt it? Secondly, I wanted to write a comment to you about the tone of your articles. My wife and I are doing everything we can to reduce, reuse and recycle. We put two loads of wash in the dryer in the winter instead of just one and use a clothes line in the summer, sort of stuff. I should mention that I'm a member, however, I've yet to buy anythig from your store in the last 10years other than a map. The reason is clear to me after reading your articles. Your part of the problem and that's why I've never used you. You prices are way to high and they are still not made in Canada. If I'm EVER going to pay $150 for a sweater, it better say Made in Canada on it. For all your words on your blog that I read today, you'll never convince me to buy anything other than a map from your store unless three things happen. You stop building new stors and commite to only using preexisting buildings (and please, don't tear down a building and put up a new one and tell me your doing the earth a favor). Two, dare to be different, have at least a Made in Canada selection in your store competing with your Made in India section. Lastly, and most importantly why I know you're everything you've writen about in your articles, you remind me of the Body Shop. Their claim to fame was that they did not test on animals. That was great, however, they used products that were already tested on animals so that they did not need any further testing. This sort of stals inovation a little, don't you think? The other cosmetic companies are still testing on animals and the Body Shop is still just another chain that is not true to its roots. You may have said your working hard to improve working conditions in the third world, but I don't believe you. Where is your banner in New Orlens, why are the people who's homes are destroyed by fires still rebuilt and refurneshed by charity groups. I never see a donation to a national charity group from MEC! I'm willing to wagger that Microsoft has done more to clean up disasters while you sit idley by hoping your advertizers come up with another pretty picture for an ad campain to increase your bottom line. In closing, I've been motivated to wrte this to you today becuase your blog article ring so hollow to me and my wife.


Hi Jeremy,

Got your input. Hooray for your conservation efforts. We should all, if we're not already, be more conscientious of our energy consumption. This is where it all begins in reducing our footprint.

There are quite a number of points in your email of which I'm only going to address two.

1. Read MEC's Accountability Report for its contributions to the community and environmental initiatives.

2. Believe it or not my job at MEC is not to promote sales or increase MEC's commercial interests. My role is to monitor our factories. This blog is to encourage a deeper conversation on what's happening in factories and to move the dialogue from "Made in Canada is good, Made Elsewhere is bad" to "we're all part of the human race on a common planet that is facing some serious issues in the immediate future, and we all got to figure this out together".

If you're doing your part to save the planet and to reach out to the marginalized, then more power to you. If shopping at MEC causes you or anyone to diminish these lofty and necessary ideals, then think twice about your memberships. There is something much more important than retailing and that's people and ecology.


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