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October 22, 2007



In regards to the blog "evil vs. evolution", you speak of women and children in impoverished countries who are used as slaves more or less, and work in degrading environments with very little pay, and how MEC wants to put an end to this. So why then do you carry Nalgene bottles (as one example), which are made in China? Maybe they aren't made in sweatshops, I wouldn't know but, but whether or not they are, it affects the environment in a big way as the bottles travel thousands of miles from overseas to get here. I know MEC is huge on sustainability, which is why I was disappointed when shopping online the other day, I saw that the Nalgene bottles and thermoses were made in China.


Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your comment. To understand why we source in China and the developing world hyperlink this;jsessionid=Hb2GTQdF18NMQN7wVRjtkr4TsRnv8PDqvC4fTTyHPPJcyqCvbcwT!-2074270198?page=sourcing&FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=1408474396038947&bmLocale=en&bmUID=1201370758056.

Factories workers work in extremely harsh conditions. This is not slave labour.


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