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October 16, 2007


B. Motoc

I do not think luck has anything to do with workers rights in any country and I do not think governments are to be blamed either. We have fought and fight for our rights in more than one way and governments are made of elected people that are supposed at least to pretend that they represent our rights. So, it is not luck, but a long line of daring protesters and action taking, some more violent other more subtle that have brought the differences in work ethics and laws and quality of life we experience.



Right on! "Lucky" is the wrong word. It's fortunate as you write.


Jon Moe

WE are the government and when WE forget this WE have a problem! I'm glad your making us a aware of where our product is comming from. JM


Removal of Comments on Cleaning Services for MEC

Fellow bloggers,

Thank you for your comments about the company contracted to clean one of MEC's stores. As the author of MEC’s Ethical Sourcing Blog, I have unpublished all postings in relation to this subject as it contravenes the below MEC blogging policy. Comments must…

“Be Within the Law: Your comments must not be potentially libelous, contrary to hate laws, or get me or MEC into other sorts of legal hot water” (

Although your comments have been unpublished, I can assure you that we take this issue very seriously. The janitors who clean our Toronto store have been doing so for 10 years. In this time we have terminated management contracts with two other cleaning services companies, over failure to provide pension and holiday benefits to which the janitors are legally entitled. In short, we have acted on their behalf in the past and, if MEC’s review of the current contractor that’s now underway warrants it, we will do so again. We will contact you as soon as possible via email with an update.

At this time I would like to express my regret for the circuitous route in addressing this matter. I am the author and editor of this blog and therefore am responsible for its content and “inefficiencies”.

Once again, thank you for your comments.



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