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August 24, 2008




I wonder why you have chosen to characterize the CDN sewn products industry as an industry dominated by Asian immigrant woman.

Obviously you have never been in factory settings in Quebec or in many parts of Toronto. Perhaps local Vancouver factories are populated by Asian woman, but I suggest you get out and see operations in other provinces.

You might also pick up a book on supply chain management and see what producing locally does for a community.

I'd love to have a one on one with you pal.You're a pretty tough guy from behind the keyboard.



Actually, I'm a pretty tough guy in front of the keyboard as well.

Happy blogging.



You're an idiot. I'll bet you have never been in a factory outside of Vancouver.

You write as if you are Captain Supply Chain, but dude it's obvious you don't know much other than what you have learned in your limited capacity at MEC.

Were laughing at you now pal. You don't make sense. You tripped up yourself and went jackass many posts ago.
I hope Starbucks will take you on.


Hey Tommy

Sourcing from outside Canada can be highly emotional. It makes some angry, frustrated and even teary eyed. Your emotions in this context are understood.

It's ironic, the Federal government recently flipped when it found out much of the olympic program is made off-shore yet when Congress recently wanted to promote "buy US" only, Ottawa went into double flip mode.

Ottawa's flip flop mentality kind of reflects Canadians. We want the best of the world with very little sacrifice on our side. It's easy to be so insular when we've been well fed and the only challenge we've had is turning on X-box in dad's cold basement.

Starbucks doing some novel things with fair trade and coffee, and with fighting poverty in African communities. It would be an interesting place to work. Do you have any contacts?

Keep the faith and happy blogging.

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