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September 14, 2007


Rob Nagle

I am interested to read your description in this posting of your life defining steps. It must be a familiar experience to many thinking people to have these moments, when they experience a very real sense of anticipation mixed with heart aching fear.
As it is intense, it is preserved in our memory, and we probably retell it to ourselves as we look at "the old trusty rucksack" or other trigger.
But what brought about the transformation in the first place? Why do changes of direction occur in our lives? I bet there's a list of personal experiences in each and evry one of us. But for me , thinking about my own life defining step, it was in the emptiness of the Arctic. That unfamiliarity awoke in me a real sense of emptiness inside, until the plane landed, and slowly a return of security occurred, in part due to people, but also helped by some tapes I played on a walkman, and the ability I had to absorb myself into this new place which, after all, was like any other.
Despite global warming, life is going to stay on as before; there is, it is true, less sea ice in the summer, and scientists will be working to understand the mechanisms and to predict the future. It will continue to be true that a traveller or person going out into the world, with the fear that entails, will want to take the best kit, as that is the thing that he will rely on!!

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