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August 24, 2007


Mr. Garner

I think this is good advice however my only concern is where do you run to?

Edson Castilho

"MEC Ethical Sourcing policy endeavours to ensure that factory workers are treated according to local employment standards and due process. Right now we're encouraging the parties to resolve this matter in good faith."

So, what if local employment standards are crap? The real question, as I stated on another blog, is why MEC continues to source products form countries in southeast asia. When it becomes cheaper to source things from Chad and Zambia, will MEC follow the money and rationalise the decision by saying that at least locals have jobs now?
The customers demand it just doesn't cut it as an answer. It would be far less dishonest if you just stated up front that a ruthless market-based capitalist economy forces you to join the race to the bottom just like everyone else so that you can stay competitive.

Chau for now



Hi Edson,

I've had this entire discussion on another blog at

Check it out if you have a chance.


This link doesn't work. Please repost.


Hi S,

I can't repost it because it belongs to another blogger. I can't find the reference anymore.


David Bird

You can find the conversation here:

It wasn't very hard to find. Just use the blog's search engine with "ethical sourcing."
Thanks for the effort though HC.



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Hi Ruth,


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