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August 17, 2007


Gene Blishen

Interesting comments but remember MEC hasn't declared a dividend to the members for a number of years now. You have used the capital to grow. Now may be the time to re-think what to do with member capital.

Marie-Eve Allaire

Hi Harvey,
Do we know what could be the cost of a project like this for MEC? Imagine that there is 500 employees in a factory who work 3 days for a specific MEC product. If MEC have an agreement with the factory in witch they pay (at least) the minimum wage to thier employees during the time they work on MEC product, does MEC could absorb the surplus of cost? Do we know exactly what could be the % price increase on a specific product? and what about trying this with a few specific products and see if we can sell them with an awareness campaign? I know that there will always have people who will not care about that and only buy the cheap one, but that could be part of an MEC awareness campaign about fair trade. You have probably thought about that before me, but I’m interested in having some data about price increase.

Edson Castilho

What is making MEC provide its customers with outsourced goods? The question ought not be "will we support it at the cash register" but why does MEC simply refuse to source goods from places where workers aren't paid a living wage, work in safe conditions, etc...? And don't give me some silly nonsense about "at least those poor workers have a job!" No, what those poor workers have is no choice because the lives they once knew have been changed by the west's insatiable appetite for cheap stuff, no matter the cost to people elsewhere. I have to say that it really irritates me that even MEC has buckled to the almighty market imperative of more for less and sells products made in developing countries where workers are exploited. I think your "ethical policy" is a bad joke and an insult to MEC members concerned with sleights to the dignity of others.

Chau for now



Three years ago, I bought a SERATUS daypack and was happy to find out it was made in Canada (Geenie). The exact same daypack today is still available at 49$ (Alpinelight) but this time it is made in Vietnam with the MEC logo on it...
Who is making more money now??? Children in China and Vietnam??? MEC members??? Bigger and bigger stores like the one in Marche Central???


Hi Marie-Eve,

We don't know the exact dollar impact. We will soon. I thing your suggestion that we directly link some of these costs to products as a special sales project would be helpful. It will give consumers a choice and opportunity to speak with their wallets.


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