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June 08, 2007


Steve Patterson

Harvey -

I am not really all that surprised that you chose not to print my missive regarding MEC's abhorrent practice of selling Bisphenol-A-leaching plastic drinking bottles without any effort to educate MEC's so-called "shareholders".

MEC is either an ostrich, or simply greed mongers.

It really is that simple!


Steve Patterson
a MEC member simply because I can't "un-member" myself!


Hi Steve,

Actually and simply, MEC is neither.

This Blog will print all comments as long as they conform with our Blogging rules.

Your earlier comment was published a long time ago. Hyperlink the following ...

I'm not sure why you can't "unmember" yourself. Is it because inspite of all MEC's flaws, it's a pretty darn good retailer compared to everyone else?

Keep on blogging.

Steve Patterson

Hello Harvey - please tell me how to go about "unmembering" myself and it will be done post-haste.




Hi Steve,

Probably the best way to "unmember" yourself is to email me at with the following:

Member number, date of birth, full name, address. State very clearly in your email that you are instructing MEC to cancel your membership. I will forward it to the right individual.

This person will reply to you confirming your membership cancellation.


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